2018 Financial Goals

Financial-Goals-240x300 2018 Financial Goals

2017 was a great year for me and I am sure for most of you as well. The stock market increased over 20% so that helped all of our net worth increase across the board. With this post, I will to now cover my 2018 financial goals.

Financial Goals for 2018

  • Increase forward dividend income to $6,000
  • Have a net worth of $400k or higher by year-end
  • Increase my online/side income.

To accomplish the first goal I would have to invest a total of $46,433  by year-end with an average dividend yield of 3%. I really think this is very doable. Having a forward dividend yield of $6k would be great because that means I will average $500 in dividend a month. It will also mean that I am half way to that magic number of $1k a month.

My second goal should not have any problem with being crossed as completed at year-end. I started the new year with a net worth of $322,728. I would now need to grow it by $77,272 to reach my goal. Seeing how I made $14,401 in passive income last year, I see no issues with growing my net worth by $77k barring any unforeseen circumstances like job loss or tenant leaving.

This is the goal that I really want to get going. I made some good online/side income last year, but I really want to get this going faster. This is why I created a youtube channel, and I will continue to use social media to grow my following.


What are some of your goals for 2018?

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  1. Hi Felix, I have a small separate portfolio focused solely on producing dividend income. Of course, I’d like to see stock price appreciation, but as you responded to me in a previous post, when the stock price goes down, you can drip more shares – which of course, adds divvies to divvies, creating that dividend snowball that we all like to see increase.

    I am adding dividend growing companies (CSCO, SO, WPC, VGR and the like), My goal for 2018 is to build the annual dividend income of that portfolio to $1,200 ($100/mo). The current yield on cost is 6.25% (I don’t add reinvested dividends to original cost, or that figure would be lower.)

    By reinvesting dividends and adding about $1800 per year in new cash to this account, the goal is to reach $2400 in annual divvies by the end of 2022. Counting on dividend increases along the way. $200/mo in divvidends would be nice.

    My process of tracking incremental increases to the current annual dividend every time I drip or frip a share is similar to yours. As a friend recently wrote to me…..you gotta love those “sweet sweet dividends”.


    • Hey Andrew, I focus 100% on dividend growth stocks. Even with this focus, I have a couple stocks that are over 100% and about 5 others that are over 80%. I am getting both price appreciation as well as income. I like the dividend companies you have. Your plan sounds like it works for you and your goals. Hope that answers your questions.

  2. FV –

    Dig the goals. Savings rate will be playing a big part for you. Dividends, though, are bigger each month for you – so that’s going to continue to add fuel to the engine. I have similar goals and sadly failed in adding $2k in forward dividend income last year, but added over $1.7k. This year, I still have high expectations, but set at approximately an add of $1.8k in income for 2018. Thanks for sharing and good luck, I’ll be monitoring that progress.


    • Hi Lanny! yea, the saving rate is the biggest and most important thing anyone can do. Even if you failed you succeeded. Growing your dividend income by $1.7k is very impressive. Good luck to you as well in 2018!!

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