3M Company (MMM) Stock Analysis Video

3m-company-300x168 3M Company (MMM) Stock Analysis VideoOn my YouTube channel, I will be going over different company analysis in a quick 5 min video. I also will cover different finance aspect and ideas that will help us make more money and save our hard earned money in the most efficient way.

I last posted a video about 3M last year, so make sure to check out that video as well. This will help you see that patience is very important in the stock market world.

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Here is a quick 5 minute Stock Analysis video of 3M Company (MMM).


Thank you for watching and let me know if you agree or disagree with the MMM stock analysis video.


Thanks again for watching.


What do you think about the analysis? Agree or disagree?

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  1. Hi Felix
    Thanks for sharing your analysis. 3M is a great company that clearly has been overvalued for quite some time and recently has been moving to a much more reasonable price level. I‘ve initiated a position slightly below USD 160 but wouldn’t be too surprised if pressure persists. Dollar cost averaging is a good way to build that position.
    Financial Shaper

    • Hi FS! I actually was able to buy shares at $160.15. Just like you, I would not be surprised if it goes lower, and if it does go lower, I will be buying more shares! I want to stock to be a core holding forever! Thanks for watching my video and for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!

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