About Me

WhatsApp-Image-2017-04-24-at-10.52.23-PM-300x300 About Me

Hey, Readers! My name is Felix. My blog is about my journey through Investing and Traveling. Everyone wants to travel the world and experience what this amazing place has to offer! Everyone also wants to know how to make a substantial amount of money off of their investments, so they can live the lifestyle that they have always wanted.

Like most people, I started working from a very young age, went to college and bought a car.  I would spend a lot of money on new clothes, going out and car accessories. Not once between the ages of 17-27 did I save any money. I was accumulating a mountain of debt on a car and school loans. Sounds familiar? At 26 I finally graduated from college with a degree in Computer Engineering. This was now the time to get serious with my life right?

I started saving money and took care of all my debt. While being debt free feels great, I wanted more from life. I love traveling but I knew I was restricted with my 9-5 job. Also, I didn’t want to wait till retirement to stop working. With the uneasiness of the economy and social security who knows what peanuts I’ll get when I’m 65! You only have one life to live so live it well and be happy. That was my mission, so I began my lifelong research on financial independence.

I thought about investing in real estate like everyone else does. My parents own a house and a condominium that they rent. I figured I would do the same thing. However, through my research, I found something much better. Really something better? Oh yes, my friend three words DIVIDEND GROWTH INVESTING.

I realize that this was the best way to build passive income, cover all my expenses and retire at a young age. This inspired me to create this blog, so you can join me on this fiscal voyage through investing and traveling.