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Recent Sell: Wal-Mart Stores

So this will be my third sell this year. I don’t tend to sell any company that I own because I hold for the long term. Only a few things warrant a sell in my book. The first one is if a company cuts its dividend. The second if the stock is in my view extremely overvalued. The last reason […]

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Recent Sell: General Electric Company

So, unfortunately, this will be my second sale post of the year. It also looks like it will be my last stock sale of the year. The reason why it looks that way is that most of the companies that I invest in has already increased their dividend or they look like they are going to announce an increase soon. […]

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Recent Sell: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

I, for the most part, do not sell a stock. There is really only one reason why I make a sell, and that reason because of a dividend cut. I completely sold out of my position of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA) 36 shares @ $24.57 TEVA announced a 75% dividend cut. I learn of the news the […]

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