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3 Stock Considerations for August

I like to keep my viewers updated with the latest news on stocks that I considered undervalued or worthy to be watched! You can check out all of my recent buys/sells and stock considerations at my site which can be found in my profile. I like to use the CCC spreadsheet which is run and […]

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3 Stock Considerations

Check out my first article on Seeking Alpha. The article can be found here: 3 Stock Consideration While you are there reading, please don’t forget to click on the Follow button.

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Stock Considerations – June 2017

I would like to start off by saying that I am truly blessed to be in this position to be even considering stocks for purchase for this month. For the month of June, I plan to make three buys plus the FRIP buys I do while I use my dividend that comes in for the month. First, let’s talk […]

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