Coca Cola (KO) Stock Analysis Video

Screen-Shot-2019-10-12-at-10.01.05-AM-1024x504 Coca Cola (KO) Stock Analysis VideoOn my YouTube channel, I will be going over different company analysis in a quick 5 min video. I also will cover different finance aspects and ideas that will help us make more money and save our hard-earned money in the most efficient way.

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Here is a quick 5 minute Stock Analysis video of The Coca-Cola Company (KO).







Thank you for watching and let me know if you agree or disagree with the KO stock analysis video.


Thanks again for watching it.

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What do you think about the analysis? Agree or disagree?

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  1. Hi Felix
    I am holding KO for some years now and will keep collecting all these nice dividends. It‘s a very good company, playing in the same league as Unilever, Heineken etc. I prefer Nestle or Diageo though and wouldn’t buy KO at the current price. I agree with you: it‘s a nice HOLD position. And in my case for many years.
    Thanks for your analysis and keep it up!

    • HI Financial Shaper, Thanks for watching my video! I too currently hold a position in KO. I do not plan to add to it and just hold it for its dividends. Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

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