Coca Cola Stock Analysis Video

ICoca-Cola-Stock-Analysis-Video-300x169 Coca Cola Stock Analysis Video upload one to three YouTube videos a week. On my YouTube channel, I will be going over different company analysis in a quick 5 min video. I also cover different finance aspect and ideas that will help us make more money and save our hard earned money in the most efficient way.

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Here is a quick 5 minute Stock Analysis video of Coca-Cola KO.


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  1. Hi Felix, Happy New Year! I’m enjoying your YouTube stock analysis segments. Nice job! Valuations are high these days, but I’m continuing to frip shares until Scottrade account transitions to TD Ameritrade. I will then Drip partial shares. Adding new money quarterly as well to increase annual dividend – I’m close to reaching $1200/yr ($100/mo) in dividend income. The next goal will be $1800/yr. Thanks for your website and now You Tube videos, they help inspire us to continue in a similar way. Amazing how the numbers compound. Take care and much success in 2018, Andrew

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