Dividend Increase: QCOM

ID-100130817-300x200 Dividend Increase: QCOMQualcomm Inc. (QCOM) just declared $0.62 quarterly dividend. This is an increase of 9.0% from $0.57.

I own 62 shares, so this will increase my annual dividend income by $12.40 to a total of $5,138.38

I updated both my Passive Income page as well as my Portfolio page to reflect the changes.


My Thoughts:

I don’t know about you, but I feel like all the companies in my portfolio are raising their dividend in the high single-digit area or some kind of double-digit raise. I am loving it. Actually, the way the year has been going with all these amazing dividend raises and me investing a lot of capitals, I think I will reach and pass my goal of having a forward dividend of $6000 by the end of this year.

QCOM has a dividend payout ratio of 82.8% based on 2017 earnings. This is very high for this company when it tends to be between 30%-50% for the past 9 years. This does not concern me at the moment because analysts expect earnings to start picking in the fiscal year 2019 and beyond.

I find that the company is currently fair valued to slightly overvalued. Therefore, I give this stock a HOLD recommendation.

I do not plan to add any more shares of QCOM at the moment; however, If I do see a significant price drop, I may consider adding more shares. I do have other companies that I am currently looking at and that I find more attractive at the moment, so please stay tuned and make sure to follow me for more information.


Screen-Shot-2018-03-13-at-7.25.19-PM Dividend Increase: QCOM

Source: fastgraphs.com


What do you think of the company and its recent dividend increase?


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