Dividend Increase – V

ID-100130817-300x200 Dividend Increase – VVisa Inc. (V) just declared $0.195 quarterly dividend. This is an increase of 18.2% from $0.165.

I own 17 shares, so this will increase my annual dividend income by $2.04 to $4,290.92

I updated both my Passive Income page as well as my Portfolio page to reflect the changes.

My Thoughts:

WOW what an increase from Visa. This is one of those stocks where I wish I bought more. This company has been killing it. The only drawback right now is the low dividend yield. However, with these kinds of increase, the yield will continue to climb.

This stock has been great for me. I am up 54% and this is not including dividends received. The last two dividend increase from V was 17.9% in 2016 and 16.7% in 2015. So not only are they increasing it at a high double-digit rate every year, they are going higher than the last year.

I would love to buy more share of this company but it is very expensive. I also don’t like the fact that they have a very low yield to start. The only reason why I bought my first shares was that it was at a fair price and I knew this company stock price will continue to grow.

I find Visa to be overvalued, and I would recommend a HOLD

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  1. V is low yield and overvalued right NOW.

    Why not change to another pick , say T (high yield , undervalued) ?

    What is the reason ?

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