Fiscal Voyage is now on YouTube!!

It’s Offical!!

I am super excited to announce that I am now on YouTube!

My YouTube channel is about education. The reason why I created this YouTube Channel is that I wanted to create short little videos for you guys. These little videos are quick stock analyses where someone can take 5 min and have a pretty good idea if they should do more research on a particular company that I covered.

I talk about how the company has been doing. I will mention my opinion of different metric. I also discuss how the company is expected to do. Most importantly, At the end of each video, I will give you my fair value price and if the company is a Buy, Hold, or Sell.

I also plan to do other types of videos as well that will cover anything in the financial education umbrella.

Here is my welcome video on my channel. Please make sure to subscribe to my channel for future videos.



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