ID-10053392-150x150 FRIP BuyI added more shares to my position of Bank of America Corp (BAC).

2 Shares @ $23.88 on 8-31-2017

3 Shares @ $24.13 on 9-1-2017

This increases my forward 12-month dividend income by $2.40 to a total of $4,106.02

I also updated my portfolio page to reflect the change.




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What are you buying with your dividend?


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  1. The FRiP is a beautiful thing. I like how you express your progress in terms of increasing your 12 month dividend income. Those small amounts add up and pay year after year. Then you add the divvy growth on top of that.

    You really are buying future income. Of course, you want the stock prices to go higher over time too; but income is your primary focus. To what extent do you consider portfolio value versus income generation?

    I have a separate income portfolio in which I’m predominantly focused on sustained income generation and divvy growth (and fripping) over time. The current portfolio value is much less of a concern. Thoughts?

    Enjoy following your portfolio actions.

    • Hey Andrew,
      Yes lol FRIP is a beautiful thing. I love that fact I can start a new position using this. My main concern is the dividend income. As long as that is raising and getting paid out, I am happy. If anything we want our portfolio value to be less so that we can buy more shares at a cheaper price. Thanks for the great questions and for commenting.

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