How Serious Are You About Early Retirement? (Quiz)

ID-100205967-300x300 How Serious Are You About Early Retirement? (Quiz)So Joe, over at, came up with this great quiz to see how serious you are about early retirement. I got this idea to make a post about the quiz from JMoney over at You can check out JMoney answers to the same questions here.

I think I am very serious and driven to get to early retirement, so let’s see how I do.

The answers to the questions are either True or False. For each True answer, you get one point. For each False answer, you get zero points. Once done with the quiz, you will add up all the points and compare it to the grade scale below.

Let’s Start!!

1. You know your net worth

True. My net worth which I made a post last month, here,  is $263,634.30. I keep track of my net worth using Personal Capital. I highly recommend it. You can sign up for free using this link: Personal Capital

2. You have a Roth IRA

True. I do have a Roth IRA but I do not put money into it because all my money that I invest goes straight into my taxable account. The reason why I do this is that I want to have access to the money when I retire before forty.

3. You have no consumer debt – car, credit card, etc…

True. I drive a 2008 Honda Civic Si 4 Door and it is fully paid for. I do not have any credit card debt. Actually, I used Lending Club to help me get out of debt. I will write a post about that later down the road. If you have debt, I highly recommend you sign up to Lending Club. Their interest rate is much lower than credit cards and it is super easy to get a loan. You can request a loan here: Lending Club

4. You have a “retire by” date

True. My “Retire By” date is anytime before 40 years old. I am currently 32 years old.

5. You have a side hustle or two

True. This Blog is one side hustle that I love doing very much. Hopefully, it will become my full-time job.

6. You have passive income

True. I have multiple streams of passive income. I have my taxable dividend account, and I have my rental income which I talked about in this post titled My Condo Purchase and the Numbers

7. Your investments are worth more than your house

 False. Right now the value of my home is $170,000. I currently have $163,351.60 in investments. So in a few more months, this question will be a True.

8. You have a post-retirement plan – volunteer, etc..

True. I first plan to travel a lot and see the world and live in different parts of it. I also plan to volunteer my time as well as helping those in need as I travel.

9. You save 50% of your household income

True. I save anywhere from 60%-70% of my income.

10. You have backup plans

True.  I am very diversified that if the market crash all I would have to do is a big maybe go back and get a part-time job.

Bonus point – You cut your own hair

True. I am bald lol. You can see my picture in the About Me Page of my blog.



  • 0-5 answered true: Skeptic
  • 6-7 answered true: Novice
  • 8-9 answered true: Committed
  • 10+ answered true: Driven


I answered 10 True. It will be 11 True in a few months once my investments pass the value of my home. So based on my 10 True answers I am very driven. I truly believe that I am. I think about finical freedom every day and talk about it every day.

You can read more about Joe quiz and see his thoughts as well as others: How Serious Are You About Early Retirement?


How did you score?


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