My Condo Renovation

Exactly a year ago this month I bought a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo in sunny South Florida for a great price. However, the place was very outdated with original everything. The building was built in the 1970’s. I bought this place with the plan as my primary resident for 4-5 years, and once I retire early it will then become a rental property. On a later post, I will tell you guys the numbers like the buying price the reno cost as well as other financial things related to my condo. For now, I want to talk about the work and learning that went on during the renovation phase as well as show you guys pictures below.

First off, renovation is expensive. I felt like everything I was buy was $200 for this $400 for that another $3oo for that. Oh, you want that? $3000 for that. Thank God that I was living with my parents during the time of the reno, because it took me almost 7 months to get it all done. It would have been costly to be renting and paying the mortgage. So big THANK YOU to my parents.

It took that long because my dad and I were doing most of the work. So the only time we were able to work on the condo was during the weekend. However, we could not make noise during Sunday because HOA did not allow work during Sunday. We still work like cleaning and doing things that were not loud.

I really learn a lot during the reno. Let me tell you that YouTube is the BEST!!! I would watch 100s of videos during the week on how to install an IKEA kitchen, how to install a bathroom sink and toilet and, etc.  I wanted to save cost because at first, I was asking around for quotes and for any little thing it would be like $1000 or $2000. I was like screw that I can do it myself. I did have to pay for flooring install and the build out of the new shower. However, we prepped the floor for the installers. We removed the old tiles and carpet and installed the sound proofing. We did all the demo as will as the install of kitchen and bathroom beside the foundation of the new shower. We did about 70-80% of the work. My Dad, Mom, Bother and girlfriend. Love them so much!!

Stay tuned for another post about the financial aspect of my condo. The numbers that will be shown on that next post is what made all this hard work worth wild.

Here are the before and after:

20160604_110830-300x169 My Condo Renovation   20160612_113758-300x169 My Condo Renovation  20170422_142742-300x169 My Condo Renovation20170422_142839-300x169 My Condo Renovation 20170107_154000-300x169 My Condo Renovation


20160612_113824-300x169 My Condo Renovation   IMG-20161224-WA0007-300x225 My Condo Renovation

20160709_113834-e1494810798702-169x300 My Condo Renovation   20170102_135820-e1494809309124-169x300 My Condo Renovation   20170121_123802-e1494810839419-169x300 My Condo Renovation

Have you ever been part of a renovation? How was your experience?

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  1. Awesome..renovating can be so nice if you have the money! We recently purchased our home..yes it was time. Beautifying and repairing eats up the money quick! Luckily my kitchen had been upgraded already..that was a deal breaker for me. Our bathroom is outdated but that renovation is pretty far down the list..Resurfacing the pool is next!

    • Ooh yes, it really does eat up money. My place was a complete gut job. I am very happy with the outcome. Good luck with your reno. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. We recently purchased our first home which is a complete ‘do-up’ and we are really looking forward to getting our hands dirty and renovating it. We will start with the kitchen and then look to do the bathroom. We managed to secure the property at a great price and have a reasonable budget to allocate to the renovations. It’s certainly wont’ be a quick process but I’m sure it will be very rewarding.

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