Net Worth Update – June 2017

ID-100263174-300x300 Net Worth Update - June 2017I have been using Personal Capital to track my net worth as well as my income and expenses for over four years. I highly recommend that you sign up and use Personal Capital as this is far superior to other similar services. You can sign up using this link: Personal Capital Sign up 

As you can see below, I really do not have “bad debts”. I have credit card debt because I use my credit card for all of my everyday purchase so that I can obtain points for traveling. This will be a topic I will be discussing in a later post.

I own my car outright and I am not a big spender. Another thing I got working for me is that I bought my house super low because it needed gut job/renovation. You can check out the renovation post as well as my post about the numbers and profit from the renovation and rental. Also, I invest almost every single dollar that comes in because I live pay check to pay check.

So here we have my Assets as well as my Liabilities.


Cash Accounts: $1,467.09

401k: $9,386.93

Roth IRA: $30,060.53

Traditional IRA: $16,959.25

Taxable Account: $109,959.25

Empolyee Stock Option: $960.77

Home: $170,000.00

Car: $8,500.00



Credit Cards: -$2,314.60

Mortgage: -$69,363.24


Net Worth: $275,616.11


So my net worth jumps $11,981.81. I would love to have results like this every month lol. The big jump comes from my taxable account as it went up almost $8k. This has to do with new investments as well as some dividend income. Also, a little help from the market with stocks going up. Next month I should have three buys lined up so stay tuned for those posts.

Here is a screenshot of my net worth from Personal Capital.

(Disregard the drop on the screen shot. I was adding my home mortgage.)

Screen-Shot-2017-06-27-at-7.34.15-PM Net Worth Update - June 2017



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  1. Wow this is great information! I’ve heard about Personal Capital on other blogs. Taking that screenshot gave me a better visual on how it works. I’ll definetly look into it!

  2. I’ve come across your website after finding you on SeekingAlpha. First of all, how old are you? Are you currently working? I’m asking because I wonder if you ever consider about rolling over from your traditional IRA into your Roth IRA? You’d pay the tax on the conversion but from that point, any future earnings you make off that in your Roth IRA will be tax free. Is this something you are considering doing at some point in your future? If you’re not working, then it is probably ideal to do the conversion so you would likely pay lower tax even at 0% on the conversion if you do not have much income. You’ve got a nice net worth. Keep going!

    • AC, thank you for reading my article over at Seeking Alpha and commenting here. I am 33 years old and yes I am working. Since I am working I will not be doing the conversion since it will put me in a higher tax bracket.

      The conversion is a great idea to do once I retire and making less money. This is something I have thought about and do plan on doing.

      Thanks again for the great comment!! Best of luck to you.:)

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