Net Worth Update – June 2017

ID-100263174-300x300 Net Worth Update - June 2017I have been using Personal Capital to track my net worth as well as my income and expenses for over four years. I highly recommend that you sign up and use Personal Capital as this is far superior to other similar services. You can sign up using this link: Personal Capital Sign up 

As you can see below, I really do not have “bad debts”. I have credit card debt because I use my credit card for all of my everyday purchase so that I can obtain points for traveling. This will be a topic I will be discussing in a later post.

I own my car outright and I am not a big spender. Another thing I got working for me is that I bought my house super low because it needed gut job/renovation. You can check out the renovation post as well as my post about the numbers and profit from the renovation and rental. Also, I invest almost every single dollar that comes in because I live pay check to pay check.

So here we have my Assets as well as my Liabilities.


Cash Accounts: $1,467.09

401k: $9,386.93

Roth IRA: $30,060.53

Traditional IRA: $16,959.25

Taxable Account: $109,959.25

Empolyee Stock Option: $960.77

Home: $170,000.00

Car: $8,500.00



Credit Cards: -$2,314.60

Mortgage: -$69,363.24


Net Worth: $275,616.11


So my net worth jumps $11,981.81. I would love to have results like this every month lol. The big jump comes from my taxable account as it went up almost $8k. This has to do with new investments as well as some dividend income. Also, a little help from the market with stocks going up. Next month I should have three buys lined up so stay tuned for those posts.

Here is a screenshot of my net worth from Personal Capital.

(Disregard the drop on the screen shot. I was adding my home mortgage.)

Screen-Shot-2017-06-27-at-7.34.15-PM Net Worth Update - June 2017



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  1. Wow this is great information! I’ve heard about Personal Capital on other blogs. Taking that screenshot gave me a better visual on how it works. I’ll definetly look into it!

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