Passive Income for February 2019

ID-100438362-300x300 Passive Income for February 2019Once a month I like to talk about my total passive income for the month. I do this to track how much is coming in. Once I get over $2,000 a month in passive income, I will be in a great place. $2,000 a month is my crossover point. At that point, that money will be enough to cover all my expenses.

Here we have my passive income for the month of February.

The best way I keep track of my dividends and other income is by using Personal Capital. I highly recommended for you to sign up and start using their service. It is completely free and extremely helpful.

Taxable Account: $539.31

Retirement Account: $103.80

Rental: $700

Total: $1,343.11

I updated my Passive Income page for the month.

Passive Income Report

The first two months of the year has been going outstanding. In the month of January, I saw my taxable account have a 189% growth Year over year (YoY). for the month of February, I did not have such high YoY growth, but I did see very substantial growth of 34.07% vs February of last year.

That is still an outstanding YoY growth. The two company that did most of the heavy lifting were British American Tobacco (BTI) and AT&T Inc. (T).

My Retirement account also saw a nice YoY growth with its own 22.41% growth. The best part about this kind of growth is that I have not put any money of my own into this account. This truly shows the power of compounding.

Rental income has been humming along since two years ago. I am really thankful that it has worked out very well for me and my friend.

Stay tuned for next month report. It will be a recording breaking month. I can’t wait to report the numbers.


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  1. congrats Fiscal! That is quite the income and solid yr over yr growth rates.

    keep it up

    • Thank you! Yea it was a great month yoy. I hope to continue that kind of growth for the full year! We will see lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. There it is Felix, there it is. Way to be and congrats/nice job on crushing it in 2019! That is another impressive growth rate. Sure, it isn’t triple digits like January. But who wouldn’t want to see their income stream grow by that margin?


    • Thank you Bert!! yes, that income was fantastic for last month. This month I expect to hit over $900 in dividend for the first time!
      That growth rate is very impressive. It surprises me when I add up all the dividends. Thanks for stopping by Bert!!

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