Passive Income for March 2019

ID-100438362-300x300 Passive Income for March 2019Once a month I like to talk about my total passive income for the month. I do this to track how much is coming in. Once I get over $2,000 a month in passive income, I will be in a great place. $2,000 a month is my crossover point. At that point, that money will be enough to cover all my expenses.

Here we have my passive income for the month of March.

The best way I keep track of my dividends and other income is by using Personal Capital. I highly recommended for you to sign up and start using their service. It is completely free and extremely helpful.

Taxable Account: $925.78

Retirement Account: $943.10

Rental: $700

Total: $2,568.88

I updated my Passive Income page for the month.

Passive Income Report

WOW look at that total of over $2500 for last month. That’s $2500 that all my portfolio combined generated for me and I did not have to lift a finger.

Last month my taxable had its best month ever. I remember the first March month on this dividend growth journey, I only made $130.58. Now I am almost making $1000!! Comparing to last year March totals, this year saw a Year over Year (YoY) of 29.65% on my taxable account. I hoping that on September I finally cross over that $1000 mark. It is looking promising that I will cross that mark sometime this year.

My retirement account had an outstanding month. These kinds of income really only happen in March and December because I own some funds instead of dividend stocks. It saw a YoY growth of 57.74%.

My Rental income is just humming along. Nothing different to report here which is just the kind of investment I love. My tenant keeps paying on time or before the due date.

Overall, I had an outstanding month. I am very grateful to be in this position. I love looking back and see how far I come along. I hope you also had an outstanding month.

I made some purchases last month which I have not written about, but I did update my Twitter and Facebook account as soon as I made that purchase. So make sure to connect with me and say Hi :).

Stay tuned for my next post which will be about the two stock buys I made last month.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!


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    • Yes!! Thanks Doug!! I actually have a very interesting post coming up soon about where I am with my FIRE goals! Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great weekend Doug!

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