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ID-100426334-300x300 Recent BuyI purchased more shares of Qualcomm Inc (QCOM).

22 Shares @ $55.08 on 5-15-2017

This will increase my forward 12-months dividend income by $50.16 to a total of $3,635.66

I updated my Portfolio to reflect the change.

I find QCOM to be a great buy at these level. Matter fact this is my second buy of QCOM. My first buy was a few weeks ago. Here are some numbers to prove why I think it is a great buy right now.


Current PE: 18.67

Forward PE: 13.79

2016 EPS: $4.44

2017 Estimate EPS: $4.22

2018 Estimate EPS: $4.63

Dividend Payout: 70.67%

Currently, the Divided yield is at 4.06%. The 5-year average is 2.44%  The payout is somewhat on the high side but that is ok. QCOM has an A+ S&P Credit rating and 22% debt/cap.

S&P Capital IQ Fair Value: $59.40 Price Target: $60.72 Fair Value: $63.46

My DDM Analysis: $79.50

As you see above, QCOM is very much undervalued right now. I plan to add more at this level as money becomes available to me.

Thanks for reading.

Do you like QCOM at these prices? What have you been buying?

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  1. Very nice purchase! Been keeping an eye on QCOM and am seeing a lot of different bloggers adding them to their portfolio. Congrats on the additional forward income in your portfolio.


  2. Nice pick up. QCOM is one of my May considerations but I have not pulled the trigger yet. If I do it would be my first tech stock in my long term portfolio. Nice way to keep padding your dividend income stream.

    • Thanks DivHut! QCOM looks great right now at current levels. I am going to hold my current shares and only buy more if it goes under my cost basis. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Hi, Fiscal Voyage!

    I like QCOM, especially for its dividend yield of 3.95%! The company has been growing its dividend at quite a pace! Good buy and happy investing!

    FerdiS, DivGro

    • Thanks Ferdis, It’s because of your rating system is one of the reasons why I started looking into QCOM and eventually buying it.

  4. I started up a Dividend Meter back in Sept 2016 within my Vanguard IRA. Most of it is just riding it out in VSTAX but about $32K is in stocks like MO, ABBV, KO, WDR and a bunch of other dividend aristocrats. I am up to about $440 in dividend income so far this year. My little pot of money is small but I like to watch it grow.

    • You have to start somewhere. I remember when I was making less than $10 a month. Just keep saving and investing. have a great day and thank you for stoping by.

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