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ID-100426334-300x300 Recent BuyI purchased more shares of CVS Health Corp (CVS).

15 Shares @ $79.00 on 6-5-2017

This will increase my forward 12-months dividend income by $30.00 to a total of $3,676.86

I updated my Portfolio to reflect the change.

As I discussed in my Stock Consideration post last week. I find CVS to be a great buy at these level. Marterafect this is my second buy of this great company. My first buy was a few weeks ago.

Here are some numbers to prove why I think it is a great buy right now.

Current PE: 16.34

Forward PE: 13.7

2016 EPS: $4.91

2017 Estimate EPS: $5.86

2018 Estimate EPS: $6.38

Dividend Payout: 37.06%

Currently, the Divided yield is at 2.54%. The 5-year average is 1.46% With the payout being so low, it means that there is plenty of money for sustainable high dividend growth rate.

S&P Capital IQ Fair Value: $102.60

Yahoo Price Target: $87.08

My DDM Analysis: $109.89

As you see above, CVS is very much undervalued right now. I plan to hold for now and start focusing on other stocks; however, If CVS slides down a lot more, I will be buying more.

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Do you like CVS at these prices? What have you been buying?

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