Recent Buy: AT&T

ID-100426334-300x300 Recent Buy: AT&T

I added more shares to my portfolio with the purchase of AT&T Inc.

71 shares @ $33.65 on 10/31/2017.

This increases my forward 12-month dividend income by $139.16 to a total of $4,497.00

I also updated my portfolio page to reflect the change.

Check out the article that was published over at Seeking Alpha about AT&T. 


This is my third buy of AT&T. I usually buy about $1,200 worth of any stock. This time I bought double of what I normally buy for a total of $2,389.15. I am super happy that I was able to make AT&T a core of my portfolio. AT&T currently has a weight average of 3.60% of my total portfolio value. I am going to continue to buy more shares of AT&T by forwarding all dividends that my portfolio produces and funnel it into more shares of AT&T.

AT&T is still undervalued, and I recommend it a BUY at this time. As we see below in the Fast Graph, is lower than its normal PE of 13.6 with a current PE of 11.4.

Screen-Shot-2017-11-08-at-7.01.12-PM Recent Buy: AT&T


Have you been adding to AT&T? If not, what stock was your last buy?

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  1. Holy cow. Adding 71 shares Fiscal Voyage. That’s amazing and quite the income impact. I can’t say enough about this purchase considering that I just added to my position 🙂 Great minds think alike.


  2. Felix:

    Scottrade has been acquired by TD Ameritarde and the deal will be completely closed by March 2018.

    TD’s base commission will be $6.95.

    Will you change your broker to a lower one ?

    Scottrade to TD Ameritrade Transition | TD Ameritrade

    What are your plans for pricing or trade commissions?

    As always, our goal is to deliver great value to all of our clients. Right now, that means no changes to low commission rates. Clients will continue to benefit from our $6.95 base commission rate for online equities.

    • Hi Paul.

      right now I have free trades with Scottrade. Once the deal is complete, I will transfer to and receive 500 free trades of 2 years of free trades. you can call Scottrade and lower the $6.95 to $4.95 just mention that Schwab has it at $4.95 and they will make the change right away.

      • Thanks a lot for the Schwab information.

        I just found : $300 cash rewards + 500 free trades (only 60 days)

        I will transfer my account , too !

        Thank you very much for the very useful information you told me.

        How can you get free trades with Scottrade ?

        Can you advise me how to ?

        (I have a net deposit of $160,000 in my Scottrade account and I am an active trader with hundreds of trades within one month.)

        • Call and talk to them. Let them know that you are thinking about switching. Also, mention that fristrade has an offer for 500 free trades. I bet they will give you something like 50 free trades in the meantime.

      • Felix :

        The 2 insiders : Callen and Korman ,
        Callen is the new chairman of the board and Korman is the former.

        Korman , age 86 , was the chairman of OHI from March 8, 2004 to June 7, 2017.

        The old man is director of OHI since 1993 and OHI was established in 1992.

        Korman bought 100,000 shares at the earnings day while the stock was dumping (-10.01% lowest).

        I have bought it @ 27.97

  3. Congrats on your purchase. I have been watching T and VZ closely the last few weeks. I am hoping to add T to my Roth IRA in 2018 if prices stay near where they are now. That yield is just too juicy to pass up!

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