Recent Buy: AT&T Inc. (T)

ID-100426334-300x300 Recent Buy: AT&T Inc. (T)I added more shares my portfolio with the purchase of AT&T Inc. (T)

44 shares @ $32.11 on 5/16/2018.

This increases my forward 12-month dividend income by $88.00 to a total of $5,754.38

I also updated my portfolio page to reflect the change.




My Thoughts

So I thought that I would not be buying any more shares of AT&T but Mr. Market had other ideas. My last buy from this company came in at the end of October. From that point, the company saw an increased of around 10%. I thought that was the last opportunity I would have to obtain more shares of T. When it almost hit $40 a share at the beginning of the year, it started a downward trend for the last 5 months. I noticed it was almost 8% under my cost basis and I knew that I had to grab up more shares.

I am glad I did. The company is so undervalued compared to its normal PE. Anlestlys also expects an 8% CAGR growth for the next three years.

So we have a company here with an expected 8% growth that is undervalued and that currently carries a dividend yield of 6%. Sign me UP!!


Screen-Shot-2018-06-09-at-7.18.04-PM Recent Buy: AT&T Inc. (T)



What do you think of the company? Plan on owning it? or why not?


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  1. I agree, ATT has been looking like a great buy. I snatched up a few myself. Who says you shouldn’t pick your own stocks!? Haha… I may regret saying that. But, hey with dividends over 6% and a dividend growth history of over 30 years hard to argue with that!

    • Hi Steve, thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, I agree. The 6% dividend yield with the outstanding growth is very much worth it!!

  2. Although I love T, I actually sold 10% of my position to invest in dividend growth stocks offering an average 5 YR DGR of 10 or higher. I still think it holds its place in everyone’s portfolio but so many other companies are on sale that are offering way higher growth rates.

    • Hi diligentdividend that’s a good idea. I am full position now with ATT and plan to use the dividends for just that. I plan to use the dividends to buy bigger dividend growth companies. In my mind, I see it as ATT is providing me more cash flow now, so that I can buy more shares of lower dividend yield companies but with much higher dividend growth.

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