Recent Buy: Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)

ID-100426334 Recent Buy: Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)I opened a new position with the purchase of  Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)

120 shares @ $17.54 on 1/15/2019.

This increases my forward 12-month dividend income by $144.00 to a total of $7,427.32

I also updated my portfolio page to reflect the change.




My Thoughts

I started the New Year with a big bang with this stock purchase. This alone increased my forward dividend by a tremendous amount of $144 for the year. I am very happy about that.

The company is a publicly owned investment manager. In Short, they manage high net-worth people and company entities wealth. Also, know as Asset Under Management (AUM).

Invesco has been paying an increasing dividend for 9 years. The 5-year dividend growth rate is 12.4% and there most recent dividend increase was 3.45%. 

The company has a dividend yield of 6.41% vs its 5-year dividend yield average of 3.41%. Not only does it sport an outstanding dividend yield, but it is also able to pay that out with only a 41.40% dividend payout ratio.

CFRA expects a 3-year earnings growth of 10%. Therefore, we should start to see high single-digit or low double-digit dividend growth in the near future.

I find IVZ to be undervalued, and I recommend it as a BUY at this time. I have a fair value price at $29.04. This means that IVZ is 56.04% Undervalued based on today’s price of $18.61 (1/23/2019).

Screen-Shot-2019-01-23-at-6.21.50-PM-1024x635 Recent Buy: Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)


What do you think about the company? Plan on owning it or already do? or why not?

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  1. The Financial Sector is unloved by the markets and has been for a while, but it hasn’t hindered some investors, most notably Warren Buffet to increase his exposure to the sector significantly over the last couple of years. The sector’s valuation is compelling and I invested in the Fidelity FNCL ETF(.08 FEEs and holds all the big name Banks, JPM, WFC, etc.) a few months ago. It is down about 6% since I purchased it. I also bought Blackrock which like Invesco is a Investment management company. I wish I had FASTgraphs at that time since I see now that Invesco is significantly more undervalued than Invesco and probably a better investment. Thanks!

    • HI Alan,

      yes, the Financial Sector has been unloved, that is why the sector is the biggest weighted in my portfolio. I am ok with that because I get to own a great company at a great price. JPM and BlackRock are two other financial company that I would love to own but they ran up in prices recently. I hope to own them sometime in the future. Thanks stopping by.

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