Recent Sell: W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)

ID-100266200-300x250 Recent Sell: W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)

So this will be my first sell this year. I don’t tend to sell any company that I own because I hold for the long term. Only a few things warrant a sell in my book. The first one is if a company cuts its dividend. The second if the stock is in my view extremely overvalued. The last reason is if there is some kind of fraud in the books.

With this sell, I sold because I felt that the stock is very overvalued.

I completely sold out of my position of W.W. Grainger, Inc (GWW)

13 shares @ $350.35



My Thoughts:

I first bought shares of GWW on two separate times. The first time was on 6/15/2017. I bought 6 shares @ $176.30. The second time was a month later on 7/14/2017 when I bought 7 shares @ $170.95.

Currently, GWW has a PE of 26.11 and its 5-year average is 21.93. This is a great sign that tells us that GWW is overvalued to slightly overvalued.

I came up with a fair price of $327.00. This means that GWW is 7.6% overvalued.

The company is overvalued to slightly overvalued and I recommend it as a Sell at this time.


Screen-Shot-2018-09-24-at-6.11.08-PM Recent Sell: W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)



The money from this sell I was able to increase my dividend income by $100 but also buy three high-quality dividend growth stock at a very attractive price.

Want to know which three high-quality dividend growth stock I bought?

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What do you think of the sell? What do you think of the company? 


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  1. Well, you certainly did all right for yourself over the course of holding it! (I just did the same with MSFT–decided it was expensive enough that it was not worth overweighting by owning it outside of my index funds.)

    I thought about buying the stock a few times in recent months but always thought it was a bit too pricey to get into. Hope your new positions pay out well for you!

    • Thanks 1mil2freedom. GWW got up in price really fast in a short time. Not only did I buy undervalued companies, but I was also able to increase my dividend. I am super happy with that. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you put your MSFT sell back to work!!

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