Dividend Portfolio Goal Update

Dividend-Goals Dividend Portfolio Goal UpdateI am very happy to be writing this post. This is something that I did not think that I would have reached so fast this year. This is why is so important to set up goals for every year. It’s nice to set up goals each so that you have something to aim for. This will allow you to continue to grow as a person and financially.


At the beginning of this year, I set up three goals for myself. 

  • The first goal was to reach a forward dividend income of $6000
  • The secondary goal was to have a network of $400k or higher
  • The third and final goal was to increase my online/side income.

Guess which of the goals I reached first?

Dividend Portfolio Goal Update

If you have been looking at my Dividend Portfolio you may know the answer. That’s right, I passed my Dividend Portfolio goal of forward income of $6,000.

I currently have a forward dividend income of $6,111.14

How did I reach and passed this goal so fast?

In my 2018 Financial Goal post, I said that I would have to invest $46,433 and have at least a dividend yield of 3%.

So far I have invested $22,813.94 for the year.

If I only invested less then half of what I need to make it to $6,000 in forward dividend income, how did I reach this level before the end of August?

The answer is Dividend Growth!!

So many companies have been increasing their dividends. I have an average dividend growth rate for my portfolio of 7.46%

I started the year with a forward dividend income of $4,605.90. If you remove the dividend growth from all the companies, I should have a forward dividend income of $5,290.32.

But I do NOT!!! I am now sitting at $6,111.14 with another 4 months to go!!

So now I have to revise my goal to finish up the year.

My new dividend portfolio forward income goal for this year is to have a forward dividend of $6,700.


Hows have your 2018 goals coming along? Making progress or still a little behind?


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    • Lol. I would have to invest $26k in four months to get that at 3.5% yield. That would be great but I doubt i would make it. We’ll see. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. Felix, the power of increasing dividends and reinvested dividends is incredible. Congratulations on your diligence. The snowball effect is in full swing. Keep adding shares, collecting and reinvesting dividends and receiving growing dividends.

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