ID-10053392-150x150 FRIP BuyI added more shares to my position of Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD).

2 Shares @ $73.21 on 8-15-2017

This increases my forward 12-month dividend income by $4.16 to a total of $4,091.90

I also updated my portfolio page to reflect the change.


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What are you buying with your dividend?


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  1. Gotta love the frip. I “fripped” a share of SO yesterday and think of it in terms of adding $2.32 to my annual dividend stream. I have a goal with an investing buddy to achieve $1000 in annual dividends by years end, and we’re on track. The next goal is $1200/year, then $2400, etc. We find the process of building a stream of income quite empowering and rewarding. Can you speak to how you became educated on this dividend growth, income stream building process; and your perspective on income production (cost basis yield) versus portfolio appreciation.

    I follow you on Seeking Alpha and admire what you are doing to secure your future. I’m attempting to do the same within a Scottrade account. Love the travel aspect as well. Was Prague as awesome as I hear it is?

    Good luck on your voyage!

    • Hi Andrew, Thanks for following and leaving a great comment.

      I remember when my annual dividend was just about $30 lol. Just keep saving and investing. It will grow faster than you think.

      I learned about dividend growth by just reading and reading a lot. I still do not know a lot. That is why I continue to read as time pass, but it all started reading other blogs.

      Prague was amazing. I would highly recommend you to go if you can. You will love it.

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