Stock Considerations – June 2017

ID-10031069-300x203 Stock Considerations - June 2017I would like to start off by saying that I am truly blessed to be in this position to be even considering stocks for purchase for this month.

For the month of June, I plan to make three buys plus the FRIP buys I do while I use my dividend that comes in for the month.

First, let’s talk about last month buys.

I first started the month of May by initiating a position with QCOM. I still feel QCOM is undervalued, but I would not add any more shares for now because towards the end of May I made another purchase of QCOM here.

In between the two purchase of QCOM, I was able to also initiate a position with CVS. I still think CVS is undervalued right now. As a matter fact, CVS is one of the three stocks that I am considering to buy for this month.

Here are my three Stocks Considerations for the month of June:

CVS Health Corp (CVS): 

5 Year Avg Dividend Yield: 1.46%   Current Dividend Yield: 2.60%

Payout Ratio: 37.06%   5-year Dividend Growth Rate: 27.90%

Current PE: 15.93   Foward PE: 12.06

Current Price: $76.83

S&P Capital IQ Fair Price: $100.60 Target Price: $86.77

My DDM Analysis: $81.52


W W Grainger Inc (GWW):

5 Year Avg Dividend Yield:1.74% Current Dividend Yield: 2.97%

Payout Ratio: 50%   5-year Dividend Growth Rate: 14.10%

Current PE: 17.62   Foward PE: 15.33

Current Price: $172.28

S&P Capital IQ Fair Price: $163.10 Target Price: $188.33

My DDM Analysis: $187.64


Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD):

5 Year Avg Dividend Yield: N/A   Current Dividend Yield: 3.21%

Payout Ratio: 20%   5-year Dividend Growth Rate: N/A

Current PE: 6.86   Foward PE: 8.73

Current Price: $64.89

S&P Capital IQ Fair Price: $N/A Target Price: $78.59

My DDM Analysis: $76.23


For my first buy of the month, I am leaning towards CVS. Since I already own CVS and I am currently in the red by 5.44%, this will be a great opportunity to lower my cost basis. I do not currently own GWW and would love to open a new position of this company at this price. I do own GILD and I am in the red at 39.90%. This may be my second buy of the month if the price stays at this level.

I will hopefully make my next buy this Friday or Monday, so stay tuned and find out!!

Thank you for reading.

What will you buy this month?


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  1. Love the watch list. CVS and Grainger have been two of the more popular stocks on our website over the last quarter. Great companies and a great time to potentially score some value. I saw you already added CVS…is there some GWW to come as well??


    • oh yes lol. I will be adding to GWW, but tomorrow morning I have a buy qued up for CVS. I think my following buy will be GWW.

  2. I like GWW and GILD as potential picks. I only hold GWW and added to my position after their free fall a few weeks ago. Nice QCOM pick up. It was a May consideration for me but went up quite nicely last month. Thanks for sharing your choices.

    • I’m buying CVS tomorrow morning, but I do plan to buy GWW and GILD in the near future. Yea QCOM has a nice run up. I got in just in time lol

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